Fake Hermes Bags or Real Hermes Bags - That is the Question


The difference between genuine and counterfeit Hermes products is very minimal. That said Fitria Yusuf and Alexandra Dewi who wrote the book Hermes Temptation. Both share the particulars of any tips to consider when you buy a Hermes bag. Here’s his review:

1. Logo
Check the Hermes logo on the front of the bag, on top of the knob. Original logo bags stamped with precision and neat. Logo will appear on the fake bag splotches and uneven.

2. Texture
In the original bag, texture and surface of the skin will look flat and toned. While fake handbags, bumps and uneven surfaces will appear on the sides of the bag.

3. Stitching
Original Hermes bag is made by hand and using a typical saddle skewers. Thus, there is little in the contour stitching.

4. Skin
Will reveal whether the heavy bag made ​​of genuine leather or imitation. If made ​​from real animal skins, usually the original bag is quite heavy even empty.

5. Metal parts
Hermes original metal parts made ​​of gold or palladium. Slide the original bag etched thin and neat. Grafirnya false deeper and thicker.
Each Birkin and Kelly handbags, including a padlock and key bell wrapped in leather. The bottom of the padlock will be engraved with the same serial number key.

6. Handle
Handle base or handle end of the stick in the original Birkin bag has square edges and sleek. While the fake bags are often more wide and curved.

7. Stamp
Each Hermes bag has a stamped letter indicating the year of manufacture. There is a hole in the door seal is used for the door knob.
Native bags have holes neat and smooth edges. While the hole in the fake bags are usually made ​​of rough and uneven holes held together with stitches.

8. Zipper in
Zipper is in the original bag has shaped seams perpendicular. Basic zipper also not curved as seen in fake handbags.


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